Dec 8, 2007

Of the Moments

Sometimes I feel like these "of the moment" posts could all be exactly the same, because I'm kinda predictable and I know what I like and I like what I know. Every once in a while though, I surprise myself and just blow out with something new. Like the time my wife convinced me to try Thai food when we were in Ithaca. She's good for me that girl. She takes me places I never would have gone. Having said that:

Of the moments:

Music: I'm enjoying a Pandora station that I created called "Unkle Bob." I've also been waking myself up in the mornings with coffee and a certain song by Considering Lily.

Accomplishment: I recently won over another convert. My brother in law will be going to Madison with me in May to run. I'm running the Madison Marathon (formerly known as the Mad City Marathon) and he will be tackling his first 1/2 mary. I'm proud of my powers of persuasion because no more than 3 months ago he told me he had absolutely no desire to ever run more than 2 miles.

Books: I picked up this book called "Monster of God" about 2 years ago. It's an ethnography about the people groups who live around and amongst wild animals that are known to be man-eaters. I've been reading it very slowly ever since. I picked it up again last week and think I just might finish it this time. It's non-fiction, so I haven't had to start over every time. There is something really satisfying about having a book that you know you can fall back on. There are generally 4 or 5 books open around the house at any given time that I'm chewing my way through, but whenever the well runs dry and there just isn't anything around to read, I always come back to bite off a little more of this one. I will be sad to see it end.

Work: I'm really enjoying the fact that I work for good people again. My last corporate foray left me a little jaded, but this current situation looks like it could turn out very well.

Random Crap: My favorite thing to do right now is to get up in the morning and sit in the living room with all the lights off except the Christmas tree. I'm usually up before James and I like to plow through a few cups of coffee while I read the morning Office. Coffee, Celtic Prayers, and little white lights: there is something delightfully holy about those moments, and I treasure them.