Aug 29, 2008


story unfolding
paradise lost
truth gained

and a fall
spirit balance
leaving on two feet

Aug 28, 2008


Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14
still air
quiet spirit
stale sweat
play me to peace
play me to peace

Aug 25, 2008

So it's August . . .

. . . and the post from before this was in April. I've been a little out of touch.

A few things:

I want to start doing open mike poetry readings. This is new for me and I'm not sure where this desire came from.

I'm selling my soul to Thomas Merton right now. My spirit has been looking for some fodder for quite a while. I've tried going back to the old standbys, hoping to regain some previous whisper of presence, but on the best occasions have been left wanting. Most of the time I've just been left annoyed. But here, now, this crazy monk is breathing life into my soul and I feel like I can't inhale fast enough.