Sep 11, 2008


I finished part one of The Seven Storey Mountain and am taking a little break to read some candy. Mainly to help me sleep better.

I was listening to a Podcast of This American Life called "By Proxy" on the bus tonight on the way home from work, and I realized that I am now, without question, officially a liberal. How this happened, I do not know. The weird part is that I remain politically apathetic. Is that even possible?

Radiohead is my happy place right now. (I know . . . Thom Yorke is all angsty and the opposite of happy, but I don't care.)

I miss having a boring old cell phone with no email. The Blackberry (i.e. being accessible 24/7) is going to be the death of all us quiet, contemplative types.

I want to start a crazy long and epic novel after I finish the Merton autobiography; something classic. Open to suggestions.

I will be doing some cold weather camping this fall and I can't wait.

Still trying to work up the cajones to do some open mike reading. I think I'm gonna go to the Green Mill on Sunday night though, just to get inspired.

It's about time for a new laptop (I'm typing this on a screen that I can barely read through shattered LCD shards because I stepped on this thing.) I want to be uber hip and make the move to the Mac . . . but I'm in a dysfunctionally satisfying, codependent relationship with my PC's. Help?

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Katie said...

how 'bout a little pride and prejudice, b?? ;-) or maybe the count of monte cristo? or just a little anne of green gables...and then we have my and jamie's standby...outlander. ;-)